Resource Assistance for Youth, Inc. relies on our community and private sector partners to provide youth with what they need, to better their lives. Every year, we work with local restaurants to provide work placements, landlords to provide housing, and many more. Youth homelessness is a serious concern in our community, we must act together!

If you are interested in partnering with us, we want to hear from you!

Partner for Employment

RaY is looking to partner with socially minded restaurants to provide youth graduating from our Kitchen Training Program with placements in real culinary environments.

Benefits to you:

  1. A paid and trained full-time kitchen assistant for one month
  2. Wrap-around supports for the youth employee
  3. Acknowledgement of the partnership on our website and social media sites
  4. The warm feeling you get from shaping the life trajectory of young people

If you are interested, contact us today

Erica Charron, Growing Opportunities Life Skills Coordinator, 204.783.5617 ext. 204

Other Partnership Ideas? Contact us!

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Partner for Housing

RaY’s Housing Department is looking to partner with property management companies, landlords, rooming houses, and more to provide our youth with access to safe and affordable housing. Many of our young participants have successfully graduated our transitional housing programs and need a safe place to call home.

Benefits to you:

  1. Regular home visits from qualified housing support workers
  2. Wrap-around supports for the youth and eviction prevention
  3. A contact person for the landlord if issues arise
  4. Acknowledgement of the partnership on our website and social media sites, if desired

Joining a movement for ending youth homelessness in our city!

Contact us today! Kerri Scott, Housing Director,, 204.783.5617 ext.205