RaY is very happy to announce that thanks to a grant from Manitoba Arts Council, Lindsey White will be facilitating a new Music Program starting September 30th. Drop-by every Friday from 1:30pm-3:30pm!

The program at RaY intends to initiate a creative and collaborative music community at R.a.Y., where music makers of all backgrounds and skill levels can experiment, learn and ultimately make something brand new that sounds like them. With the right equipment, instruction and support we will endeavour to play, sing, write, rap, jam and create “our sound” but the most necessary ingredient will be our ideas.
We are always looking for donated equipment for this program (guitars, drums, amps and more). If you have music instruments please contact Kevin Mazur at 204-783-5617 ext.204 and leave a message. Thank you! 

“I believe we are all artists in that we are creating our own lives as best as we can, with all the tools that are available to us.  And I believe good art is created by translating our experiences into something that connects us with each other.  I have found making music with others to reveal how transformative and powerful this process can be when we are able to contribute honestly and courageously from our own thoughts, experiences and lives toward a common creative goal.  I’m excited to find out what the result of our collective ideas will produce and I feel we will all be changed by making this music, as I have by my own artistic practice.”

Lindsey White

Professional Musician and Music Facilitator at RaY