Our Team

Board of Directors:

Glenn Michalchuk – President
Andrew Spence – Vice President
Bruce Klassen – Treasurer
Jodi St.Amant – Secretary
Dr. Angela Clark – Director
Peter Havens – Director
Kelsey Noakes – Director
Susan Peterson – Director
Shanlee Scott – Director
Mike Zacharias – Director

Leadership Team:

Kelly Holmes – Executive Director

Breda Vosters – Director of Grants and Information

Olga Shmelova – Director of Mental Health and Addictions

Talia Potash – Director of Housing

Caryn Birch – Director of Education and Training

Ran-Lee Rhinas – Human Resources Manager 

Kerby Reimer – Director of Operations


Kelly Holmes, Executive Director

Asha Harrington, Executive Assistant

Breda Vosters, Director of Grants and Information

Brittney Nygaard, Information Team Lead

Matthew Altieri, Grants and Information Assistant

Kerby Reimer, Director of Operations

Ayla Banks, Program Assistant

Kenny Chee, Stats & Information Assistant

Ran-Lee Rhinas, Human Resources Manager

Nicholas Friesen, Communications & Donor Relations Coordinator

Allan Bedard, Financial Controller

Dwight Samchek, Bookkeeper

Access to Immediate Needs

Steve Wolfe, Basic Needs Coordinator

Scott McNicol, Street Outreach Coordinator

Brittney Nygaard, Street Outreach Worker

Tammie Kolbuck, Street Outreach Worker

Eric Schweig, Street Outreach Worker

Sierra Wowk, Peer Support Worker, Drop In

Breeze Foy, Drop in Worker

Candice Rantanen, Peer Kitchen Coordinator


Talia Potash, Director of Housing

Aaron Ghebrehiwot, Rapid Rehousing Manager

Stephanie Reinheimer, Housing First Case Manager

Jason Fillmore, Housing First Case Manager

Meghan Fifi, Rapid Rehousing Case Manager

Apryl Aisaican, Transitional Housing Manager

Jude Bradford, Transitional Housing Team Lead

Ahmad Salem, REST Case Manager

Francis Romawac, ROOM Case Manager

Crystal Hughes, Cultural Case Manager

Moniquea Stasiuk, Rapid Rehousing Case Manager

Alex Anderson, REST Case Manager

Mental Health & Addictions

Olga Shmelova, Director of Mental Health & Addictions

Swati Bhatt, Mental Health & Addictions Service Manager

Laura Canfield, Mental Health & Addictions Case Manager

Amanj Palani, Mental Health & Addictions Case Manager

Kyler Harper, Mental Health & Addictions Case Manager

Jessica Lord, Mental Health & Addictions Support Worker

Kristen Langelier, Mental Health & Addictions Case Manager

Education & Training

Caryn Birch, Director of Education and Training

Dominique Hodder, Level Up! Team Lead

Danielle Preusentanz, Life Skills Facilitator, Level Up! Lift Off

Casey Wall, Level Up! Case Manager

Cassandra Valmestad, Level Up! Case Manager

Kate Matthews-Lindsey, Level Up! Case Manager

Adela Ramadani, Level Up! Case Manager

Richard Charpentier, Level Up! Case Manager

Laura McNish, Classroom Assistant

Marshall Wiebe, Growing Opportunities Case Manager

Amanda Fries, Growing Opportunities Case Manager

Lauren Kroeker-Lee, Social Enterprise & Employment Coordinator

Carlos Severight, RaY Works Moving Coordinator

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