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RaY has been on the forefront of youth homelessness in Winnipeg for over 25 years. During that time, we’ve learned a lot about what causes youth homelessness and what can be done about it. We love sharing this knowledge with our community.

RaY offers group tours of our facilities for community groups, donors, and service providers to learn more about our programs. Tours and presentations can be tailored to different audiences including students, service providers, private sector partners, and more.

For large groups, we can also provide a speaker to come to your school or workplace for a presentation.

TIP: If you are a service provider looking to introduce a youth to our agency and show them our services, please bring your participant to drop-in instead! Drop-in is the best place for youth to get to know us. Learn more 

Thank you for your interest in RaY. Every month we receive dozens of requests to share our expertise in the field of youth care and our resources with the community. We make every attempt to accommodate as many requests as possible; however, we are sometimes limited by funding and available resources. 
Please complete the information below to help us understand the nature of your request and whether or not we can accommodate. You will receive a response within 10 working days. 

Note: Completion of the form does not guarantee your request. 

Please copy and paste the following and email to Nicholas Friesen, Communications and Donor Relations Coordinator –



2.Contact Name

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5.Date Requested 

6.Is an alternate date possible?


7.Length of presentation, workshop or booth (if applicable)

8.What sort of support are you looking for from RaY? (Write “Yes” for all that apply)
An information session about RaY and its programs and services (for service providers or youth needing support)
An information session about youth homelessness (for educational purposes)
An information session about RaY and youth homelessness (for fundraising/donation purposes)
A tour of RaY’s facilities
Life skills workshops
Set-up an information booth about RaY at an event

9.What type of event are you hosting?
Fundraising event for RaY
School event
Resource fair
Research group or study

10.Where is this event being held?

11.Who is the target audience for this event?
Business community
Social service sector workers
Children (ages 0-14)
Teens (ages 14-18)
Youth clients/participants (ages 18-29)

12.What is your goal for this event?

13.Other comments or questions


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