Most volunteer positions at RaY are filled by youth.

RaY has an Education and Training Program that is designed to provide life skills, training and employment opportunities for youth. Through this program, the majority of volunteer opportunities at RaY are offered to youth who access this programming.

Positions that involve service provision are held by highly trained youth care professionals with many years of experience in the sector. This allows us to provide high quality services that support youth. 

However, if you have specialized skills that you think could be helpful for administration, fundraising, or marketing, please send a resume to info@rayinc.ca letting us know why you are interested in volunteering! 

Other Ways to Help:

There are many causes contributing to youth homelessness and so there are many ways to make a difference. Here are some additional ways you can get involved with this important cause:

  • Start a letter writing campaign
    • Gather your friends, family, and community groups. Get together (virtually!) to write letters to your elected officials (city councillors, MLAs, and MPs) asking them to support ending homelessness in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Canada.
    • [Include potential content for letters]
    • Share your letters on social media to spread the word!

Don’t forget to tag @RaYWinnipeg in your social media posts!

Make a donation today and help RaY provide resources to Winnipeg’s street youth.