Drop-in is a safe space for you to hang out and get to know us. We always have a pot of coffee on and a hot meal. Anyone aged 29 and under can come to drop-in.

What is available in drop-in?

Drop-in always has a hot meal, coffee, couches, basic needs, games, computers, wifi, books and art supplies, and knowledgeable staff to chat with.

What do I need to do to access drop-in?

Nothing, just yourself! You don’t need to show ID or fill out any paperwork.

Your first time at RaY, one of our chill, non-judgmental staff will sit with you for a “pre-intake” which is our way of getting to know you. We’ll mostly ask about what brought you to RaY and how we can help.

How has drop-in changed since COVID-19?

Right now, drop-in is happening outside in our parking lot at 125 Sherbrook Street. Food is handed out take-out style and staff will chat with you outside. We may be able to let limited people in to warm up for a few minutes depending on the day. We have masks and hand sanitizer available. We hope to have our regular drop-in up and running again someday soon!