Mental Health and Addictions

Everyone struggles with mental health. You are not alone.

At RaY, we have a dedicated Mental Health and Addictions team to support you in understanding your mental health and getting support you need. 

Our team consists of  

  • Mental Health and Addiction Case Managers 
  • Specialized Addictions Case Managers 
  • RaY Counsellor 

RaY’s Mental Health and Addictions team are here to listen and help you with  

  • Information and support with understanding your mental health challenges 
  • Referral to the Nurse Practitioner for assessment and diagnosis 
  • Referral to addictions services like detox and treatment 
  • Understanding what treatment options are available 
  • Help you make a plan with specific steps to manage your wellness 
  • Help you navigate systems and find the community resources that are right for you 
  • Counselling 
  • RaY WIRED online platform 

NEW: RaY Counselling! 

Two ways to access our Counsellor:

Drop-in counselling every Thursday from 1 – 4 pm  Or 

By talking to any member of our Mental Health and Addiction team 

The mental health and addictions team works confidentially – nothing you discuss with them will be shared without your permission. 

If you are in crisis or thinking about suicide, please call 911 or the Klinic Crisis Line at 204-786-8686. 


RaY Wired

Introducing mental health supports online

RaY Wired is an online platform where you can manage your mental health & wellness.

Here are some of the things you can do with RaY Wired: 

  • Learn about mental health topics with workbooks and resources
  • Set goals and care plans with a RaY Care Manager
  • Track your wellbeing and progress
  • Chat online with a mental health professional or book an appointment

All you need is an email account and a device with internet access!

Already have an account with RaY Wired? Sign in here.

To apply for RaY Wired or get more information, fill out the form below!

Please note: RaY Wired is a learning tool and is not designed for crisis management. If you are in crisis or thinking about suicide, please call 911 or the Klinic Crisis Line at 204-786-8686.