On May 6th, RaY hosted the first ever One Health Clinic in Manitoba. One Health is a philosophy that seeks to promote the health of humans, animals, and the environment through preventative care.

RaY partnered with Community Veterinary Outreach, a charity that runs vet clinics for homeless and street-entrenched people across Canada. With the help of their dedicated volunteer team, they provided checkups, vaccines, dental care, grooming, supplies, and other services for pets, while also connecting pet owners with health services for themselves.

Did you know? Pet ownership is associated with many benefits for street-entrenched and homeless individuals including: a reduction in risk-behaviours, and a reduction in feelings of depression and loneliness. But pet ownership can also make it harder to access essential services and programs, including emergency shelters and long-term housing. Many youth will put the needs of their pets ahead of their own, avoiding service providers that exclude their pets. RaY accepts youth where they’re at, without judgement. That is why all pets are welcomed at RaY, every day! RaY provides food, water, and safety for pets and pet owners alike. 

We were able to provide 17 youth with services for themselves and their collective 23 pets, including dogs, cats, a rat, a rabbit, and a snake! 

The Faculty of Dentistry School of Dental Hygiene provided dental services for humans, as part of the One Health concept.


In addition to the health services provided, RaY’s own Talia Potash was able to provide participants with portraits of themselves and their pets, an extra special memento for them to take away.

Thank you to all who sponsored, partnered, and volunteered with the One Health clinic in Winnipeg:

  • RaY
  • Community Vet Outreach
  • Winnipeg Foundation
  • Faculty of Dentistry, School of Dental Hygiene
  • Government of Manitoba
  • Winnipeg Humane Society
  • And many generous donors who provided supplies

Stay tuned for the next clinic day in October 2017!

Help us continue to provide services to pets and their humans.